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Is a documentary film in which the idea of home is wondered and searched within the framework of modern society and border concepts. The documentary questions the concept of home and the sense of belonging, based on the real stories of immigrant and refugee women artist who have never felt at home even in the country where they were born. There is a common lack in the life stories of these women, who each moved to Berlin from all over the world. Home, both physically and spiritually.


Mothers’ Day.

Senem (28) lost her child while giving birth four years earlier. In the years that follow, on every Mothers’ Day she drinks alone at a bar, as she despises the day. Elif (24) lost her mother many years earlier; nevertheless, she has kept up the habit of buying presents for her mother on every Mothers’ Day. Every year, she starts Mothers’ Day by taking the present she bought for her mother to her grave, and ends the day by drinking alone at a bar until she passes out. On this particular Mothers’ Day, these two women, who had never met before, pick the same bar and experience an interesting night.

What we do?

Artmaker Berlin is a Berlin-based film production company specializing in end-to-end cinematic solutions. From conceptualization to the final composition, we deliver high-quality, eco-friendly productions. We're all about bouncing around creative ideas, crafting concepts, getting everything production-ready, capturing the magic on film, and perfecting it in post-production.

Awards & Festivals

20th FILMOUT SAN DIEGO LGBT FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, San Diego, CA, USA)MAY 15, 2019 2nd PORTO FEMME INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Competition, Porto, Portugal)JULY 18, 2019 1st WEST EUROPE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - FUSION ISFF (Official Selection, Brussels, Belgium)AUGUST 17, 2019 5th SOUTH TEXAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Edinburg, TX, USA)SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 12th CINEMA DIVERSE: THE PALM SPRINGS LGBTQ FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Palm Springs, CA, USA)SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 6th WOFF - WORLD OF FILM INT'L FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Glasgow, Scotland)OCTOBER 3, 2019 26th PRIDE PICTURES QUEER FILM FESTIVAL KARSLRUHE (Official Selection, Karlsruhe, Germany)OCTOBER 15, 2019 17th VIDEOQUEER - LGBTQ SHORT MOVIE COMPETITION (Official Selection, Firenze, Italy)OCTOBER 15, 2019 14th ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Orlando, FL, USA)OCTOBER 17, 2019 23rd QUEER FILMFEST WEITERSTADT (Official Selection, Weiterstadt, Germany)OCTOBER 23, 2019 14th CYPRUS INT'L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Nicosia, Cyprus)NOVEMBER 25, 2019 5th CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Pune, India)DECEMBER 29, 2019 EUROPANORAMA 2020 (Official Selection, Ljubljana, Slovenia)MARCH 3, 2020 7th BERLIN FEMINIST FILM WEEK (Official Selection, San Diego, CA, USA)MARCH 5, 2020 15th DAVIS FEMINIST FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Davis, CA, USA)MAY 29, 2020 11th KASHISH MUMBAI INT'L QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Mumbai, India)JULY 22, 2020 11th KASHISH MUMBAI INT'L QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)SEPTEMBER 22, 2020